02/05/15 – Comfort in the Marina

The Marina of “Warten” has gotten a comfortable laundry, toilet en shower block through an ingenious camouflage of the existing block and an extension which makes it twice as large. Article in the Friesch Dagblad, by Ria Kraa.

24/01/15 – Official opening “De Hertog” at Franeker

Today health centre "De Hertog" at Franeker will be officially opened. Speakers at this event are: Fred Veenstra, Mayor of the municipality of Franekeradeel, Ursula de Jonge Baas, account manager general practitioners at health care provider De Friesland and Robert Landstra, VNL architects Grou. After the official part the building will be opened for the public from 14:00 till 17:00 pm.

17/01/15 – Red, round, friendly

When several parties in the same building share spaces and functions, this creates opportunities for some extras. Just look at Health Center “De Hertog” at franeker. Article in the Friesch Dagblad, by Ria Kraa.

13/01/15 – Building permit submitted for community school Koudum

The joint design of VNL architects and Penta architects for the new community school at Koudum has been submitted for a building permit.