20/06/10 "Living" hospital for Den Helder

On the "frontpage" of the, Architectenweb you can find a detailed explanation of the future Gemini Hospital.

20/05/10 New Gemini Hospital

Our colleagues from Alkmaar, SEED architects, have won the tender for the new Gemini Hospital at Den Helder.

12/05/10 New website VNL

In recent months we have been busy with the (re)building of our website. As you can see it is now completely in the style of VNL architects. We tried to make the site more organized, user friendly and complete. Soon the site will also be available in English or Italian. When you see any improvements for our site, please let us know.

31/03/10 Cooperation with SEED architects

SEED architects from Alkmaar is going to collaborate with Vonk and Landstra architects on a structural base. Because of the cooperation with this 15-man bureau, we are able to shape challenging projects with seven architects.