VNL architects is a growing Office in a shrinking market. Founded in the middle of the crisis of 2010, typifies the bureau by guts! Despite that the Office is relatively young, it shares more than 10 years of knowledge and experience.

The Office is located in Grou and this is a conscious choice! With its central location and good accessibility, trafficjams can be avoided and time can be saved. The location, together with the choice of housing in the former Council House (re-use) form the basis for a sustainable business. Sustainability is not seen as an application by VNL architects but an awareness.

VNL architects is a socially involved bureau and is constantly looking for an improved climate for living and care. So is the Agency among other things closely involved in investigations into the human brain and the translation of its research results into new living concepts for starters, seniors and nursing. The Office also is part of a research group "of course!", which focuses on answering specific questions of clients from the social sector.

VNL architects is an office which (re)develops continuously. From the beginning of the design process they work with 3D drawing programs and the bureau has experience in working with a BIM (building Information Model). The reason for working and investing in such construction processes is the pursuit for the highest quality of a project by eliminating possible construction errors in advance.

That good quality of architecture is important for the office shows, among other things, by the management position of both Teunis Vonk as Robert Landstra within the BNA Circle Friesland (Association of Dutch Architects). This shows their involvement with the industry and their attempts to boost architects and the architecture in the North to a higher level.

The realised projects by VNL architects and the projects in progress, range from complete small sensitive interventions to large and extremely complex tasks. Each design arose from a joint search for the highest achievable result, without losing sight of the cost aspects.

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