Dirk Janszstreet at Sint Annaparochie

12 newly build social houses at Sint Annaparochie
The Frisian village St-annaparochie is located in one of the areas of the province with a population decline. Housing Foundation “Wonen Noordwest Friesland” is therfore working on the revitalization of neighbourhoods to keep the village attractive for now and in the future.
One of the procedures carried out in this context is the demolition of several dated senior houses, southwest of the Centre of the village. These seniors houses formed the edge of a park-like setting with a pond in the middle, whose quality in the development of the site will be maintained and respected as much as possible. The urban development of the area will consist of the realization of the new Middelsee Campus and a limited number of future-proof social houses which will form the separation between the quay and the park-like setting.
Our studio has been contracted for the design of these houses which will consist of 7 townhouses and 5 senior houses in the social rented sector. That the Dirk Janszstreet had to be maintained was one of the conditions for the urban development of the area. What makes it complex is the fact that the houses will be placed on either side of the Dirk Jansz Street and therefore will have multiple orientations. There will actually arise two rows of buildings consisting of five Quay-houses and seven park-houses. The houses on the West side define the park area and the houses on the East side define an interesting Quay.
To create a good ratio of the width of the street and the buildings, the houses will be placed slightly more towards the quay in comparison to the original houses.
Our office has mixed the senior and family houses in order to stimulate social cohesion between elderly and young people in the street and to avoid a stigmatising effect in architecture. This also gave us the opportunity to design a senior and family house as one large villa, resulting in an optical scaling and chic look.

Sint Annaparochie