Jan Wagenaar Avenue at Leusden

Newly build villa at Leusden
Tobacco Lane is a centuries-old name for the new neighborhood on the outskirts of Leusden, located between Amersfoort and Utrecht. Where used to be grown tobacco, is now transformed into a wonderful place to live. Tobacco alley consists of four areas, each with their own name. The gardens, the Creek, the Centre and the countryside. On the corner of the Jan Wagenaar Avenue in the outskirts of the sub-area “farmlands” we designed a large villa. The concept of the villa consists of several volumes that are covered by a faint pitched roof with an overhang of a meter.
The entire property is placed on a cellar in which there is, among other things, parking space for 3 cars. The ground floor is elevated 60 cm above ground level while the basement is not entirely under ground. This provides beautiful views over the adjacent countryside from both the kitchen, livingroom but also from the outdoor terraces.
In order to strengthen this experience from the living room we designed a wall-to-wall glass window. The terrace which is partly located under the overhang, can be reached directly from the living room. The robust chimney can be used for both the fireplace in the living room as for the outdoor fireplace on the terrace.
The building requirements determine a 1930s architectural style for the Tobacco alley. We have integrated this theme by designing large overhangs, different brick planters and horizontal lined masonry. This gives the villa, in combanation with modern flat roof tiles, corner Windows without frame styles and the colour scheme, yet a contemporary character.