Albertina Agnesstraat at Sint Annaparochie

10 new build life-course houses at Sint Annaparochie
The planning area is located in the south-eastern part of Sint Annaparochie a predominantly terraced houses and two-under-one-roof houses are situated. Housing in the Albertina Agnes Street are predominantly two storeys high with a hood and are situated adjacent to the downtown area which is characterized by mixed spatial-functional functions such as healthcare, housing and retail.
The 12 houses located on the east side of the Albertina Agnes Street will be replaced in the design by 10 life-course houses for seniors. The current housing blocks consist of two layers with a very slight hood. The lack of detail, relief and variation in the facade of these housing blocks form a monotonous appearance, enhanced by the strict positioning of these housing blocks.
With the design for the 10 life-course houses a more varied appearance and a positive impulse to the character of the street is attempt to achieve. In general a plan for life-course housing is characterized by its ground orientation. Such property may consist essentially out of one storey. Due to the desired urban size and scale in the Albertina Agnes Street a conscious choice is made to place the second bedroom / hobby room on the lower floor. In this way, there is searched for a connection with the existing buildings in the street. The building line of the existing houses is respected in the new design of the life-course houses. Because of its powerful expressiveness, variation in the building line is surplus and therefore the urban structure can be maintained in the new design.
It is assumed that the planned development of the 10 life-course houses give a positive impulse to the modern living requirements. Therefore the design deliberately diverges from the existing buildings and is chosen for a more cubist architecture with a modern and chic appearance. The specific design characteristics, such as the diverge shape, small size and the alternation of single and two-storey mass, provide a recognizable and varied streetscape. By means of the more modernistic architectural choice for these life-course houses, there is searched for a connection with the more modernistic architecture of the adjacent downtown area. The architect has determined the boundaries in which future expansion of the design can take place. A possible future desire for expansion on the floor is already gratified by taking organizational and constructive consequences for the design into account. Through these measures and restrictions is tried to keep the streetscape and architectural appearance protected for the future.
The chic appearance of the design will give a boost to the streetscape and create an environment which will attract people to live now as well as in the future.
Sint Annaparochie