Praedinius Gymnasium

"Technasiumspace" Praedinius Gymnasium at Groningen
The Gymnasia of the province Groningen want to interest especially more female students for science education by means of the new course “research and design”. “Research and design” stands for a sum of many different activities such as researching, creating, brainstorming, presentate and receiving clients, while the technasium course works closely with the industry. This obviously requires a new type of educational space, with a representative look.
To be able to accommodate this activities, a large number of interventions are required for the existing building at the Kruitlaan 11 at Groningen. A breakthrough will be made between the classroom for craftsmanship and the adjacent classroom, which will lead to one large classroom. This intervention is not sufficient to house the full program needed for making the Technasium work. Therefore, the crawlspace of the classroom will be partly excavated, to lower the existing floor and create sufficient height for a mezzanine floor.
To promote this form of education, the province of Groningen and Europe made the realization of the various Technasia of Groningen possible, by means of a gift of €800.000,-.